A Total Master Personal & Business Plan for Success

Deciding to go and ask you daughter to go to town and eat an ice cream only takes to communicate it, agree, take your car keys, turn on the car, drive to the place, order it, and come back.  But, to have a successful life, family, organization or business takes more complex processes that most of us are not well prepared to start-plan-manage-act-and succeed on it.  Well, you will find sections in this book on the most important priority goals, in the most important areas of your life, such as Love to God and others, health, happiness, systems, motivation, life direction and more, with insights that will blow your mind and will assist to achieve exactly or at a higher level what you want or need. It can also lift yourself at a higher level of consciousness and with the way you will be more successful in each step it requires.  With this book researched and development effort, this will happen now, for short- and long-term plans and execution.  You may have to start blindly at first, until you start seeing the planning evolve and the results, but as long as you follow our suggestions, you will see that it is working, then you may want to go deeper in encouraging yourself to incorporate your very best to the process.  What about introducing a sense of wisdom, God in everything you do, super-motivation, professionally-organized, etc., and you became what you are achieving, both in results and self-development?

The provocative writings we developed is designed for everyone, the individuals, families, organizations, enterprises, communities or even government that are connected among them, and influenced by our system.  Everything we have developed have intention to make each step a beautiful and a powerful reality were you and everything else become an intrinsic masterpiece of combined efforts for the ultimate success.  We want you to realize it throw our suggested planning and system, and act in a simple or complex way, according to what you bring to it.  Regardless of what our organization have to offer, the system will rely on your effort in applying and master the processes and in every step of the way.  An objective can be it to become your dreams, aspirations, goals, interests and total-life-imperatives, which will help manage any constrain life throw at you with grease, empowering preparedness, phenomenal development and more for the very best results.

With a masterpiece mentality, you and everything else around will have the opportunity to enjoy situations, fillings, gain strengths and more that many times where not present in you individual, family, church, schools, work, and whatever was influencing your life or surroundings, but that our planning and systematic processes you will be embarking on will make enjoy the process like few have being able to achieve it, and far above.  The great thing is that you will be the leader or influencer of everything around you to have the best results possible, enjoy that effort and outcomes or simply for yourself, but with the potential possibilities to be able to contribute as a masterful actor of your own willingness and progressive process for everyone.  Still, we will empower you to incorporate whatever it takes to make things happen, and succeed.

Alone with us, you will have tools that will take you to a masterful attitude, from nothing or your present abilities, knowledge, experiences, and more, to a beautiful life and environment, if you will!  Our values are centered to start this journey together, in something that few of us would be successful at the highest level, also without the success of everything else around you.

Can we all will feel better with a recently acquired doctoral degree, a deep great spirituality, peacefulness, have a job that you prepared to obtain or even better, be able to objectively plan and systematically acquire your new business, influence your family to be more interconnected and participative, a Ferrari car, or smart­ecologic­friendly house, possible because you had a process that empowered you to obtain all of them?  Let do it with the maximum effort until seeing all the results!  The life surprise and how you will impact everyone else will amaze you.  These processes will be your, no one will be able to take it away from you to improve yourself from it.  Therefore, do not let any ones else or thing be an obstacle, and take charge of your life now!

If you like what you have read so far, make sure that you go to as many Core Concepts in this book, our website menus or any other source of information we have created, and review what the processes will inspired give everything you need to change your life and surrounding forever.


Benefits – Visualization of how our planning and system

can benefit as opposed to how it is mostly done by all


See it within your own life parameters, the new you


Surpass and obtain what very few dares to even dream about achieving – It could be several simple additional goals that make you to be fulfilled and move to a desirable simply goal at first or a complex one, as you wish or need.

We are providing several scenarios next, for you to start visualizing and motivate yourself on your present potential and possibilities, to the fulfilling life you may expect. Therefore, regardless of providing you with the best concepts, studies, researches, processes, and system to make you successful, the reality is that wiliness to implement it and have the best results is another aspect to be consider.  If your life parameters are set in a limiting way, and you are not willing to overcome them, whatever process in any program will not work for you.  That is why you will here again and again in our book that one of the aspects to improve is to train and be conscious with appropriate processes, according to our vision, researches and developments.  This book will take you from “start-to-finish” as explained in project management standards and managerial concepts use international. Sone of the concept used in the book are extrapolated from the from the Project Management Institute, Inc. for a journey to achieve your highest potential, and possibilities.  We believe in acting with what we have in to start with, grow into expanding, develop in a-timed process.   Always acting diligently and daily or as needed on the present success to take to your biggest future accomplishments.  All solutions in each scenario is an example and can be incorporated for others future problem, which means to have in mind to learn by concepts.  There will be many solutions, but we need to evaluate several possibilities and chose the best one or a series of solutions, integrated or simultaneous implementing them as together (with this book and with one of our coaches) or as you alone envision.  Let see some examples to stimulate your focus.  You may need to know what the end-result you want, and then start in stages to get there.  Knowing where you are and where you think you are going may allow you to get there.  That is the simplest way to view it at the beginning.  So, let pretend at first, the process will start already training you to make it happen.  The following scenarios will give you an idea of strategies or ways to view positive and ultimate best or not in your life, if you decide to only be as it is right now.  It is all about how much faith, will or simple actions or massive action you envision about your own life prospective.  We tell you it that way because it those not matter how much you can get though out our system, but if you cannot get it or envision it, or tray as needed, it will be less or nothing at all.

Scenario A

The most outrageous visualization for even the most confidence individuals, meaning to believe in infinitive possibility or for those who need to open their mind to opportunities they never consider, and why not, no one can deny or prove that the sky is or is not the limit.  Can we?  So, let keep our mind open and just let the imagination, creativity and some basic strategies assist you at this point.  It may surprise it if you complete your own version of it, and going for some of your wildest dreams yet, and actually made them a reality.  Would you consider that the ones that have the greatest believes and faith such as to think that “everything is possible”, it is most probably because they go for the biggest possibilities, and actually made things happen?  One short sample before we continue.  Let say you never wrote a business proposal, but decided to start writing one, did what you could, and have someone competent to finish it for you.  Then you made 1,000 calls to banks and investors, and all said no to your idea.  The number 1,001, decided that your ideas were good and that he wanted to inverts $1,000,000,000, since he or she believe it will be the next “big thing” in personal and family services.  The investor only wanted to give you a 10 percent ownership, and the rest 90 percent will be for him or she.  The expected annual return on the investor´s investment was 20 percent, which it is 200,000,000.  At the company you envision he only give you only 10 percent from annual earnings.  Take time and think how you feel about someone keeping 90 percent of ownership and 90 percent of annual earnings of your incredible idea.  Take as much as possible time before to continue.  Do not read anything else or the next paragraph until you write down how you will feel about an offer like that, and how reasonable it is for you.

Let now evaluate it more like a business analyst.  The 10 percent of $1,000,000,000 is $100,000,000, that you will own in a company that you did not have any money in ownership or annual earnings before.  Therefore, if for example you did not have any money in the bank, now you are worth 100 million dollars in shares from the business, since it is a corporation.  The 10 percent of annual earnings will have a value of 10,000,000.  Would you now agree that is better to have a 10 percent of something, than 100 percent of nothing and accepting the offer is a good thing to do?  If this example is too much for your vision of what reality is, think twice, since this is one of the ways the way the rich people get richer, and now you already did an exercise on how to do it, too.  Of course, based on the complexity of the opportunity you should look for layers and other professional that the situation may require.  Of course, possibilities like this are not always that way, and you not always have a good idea to make a good business plan, but nothing will happen to those who never even took the chance to be on the way of possibilities.  On the other hand, if you only got $3,000,000 total from the business deal, and he keep all the other millions, and you invest it in a secure financial portfolio that gave you a five (5%) percent annual earnings, you will receive $150,000 annual income without ever again touching the $3,000,000.  Not touching the $3,000,000, means to be a millionaire forever.  Would that help you to pay some extra bills, and have spared money for few other things?  Believe me, thinking small would never open doors this big to give a return on you time and effort.  Perhaps, doing our personal business plan and a business plan other actions like our process for success are things relatively simpler at least in the first stages, that with a big or created vision, can give you such a big return on your time and effort, that not doing it can be the biggest mistake we can ever made?  So, you better believe things are possible for you, and act in whatever is needed, or nothing will happen, which is the main reason of the process that you are already involve with us.

In comparison to what you felt in the first and the second analysis, do you see a different prospective?  Similar feeling will happen of whatever you feel before and the empowerment our planning and system for success process will take you.

According to the Quantum Physics, everything is connected in our universe, therefore there are unlimited possibility to consider, if we ask that one universe or God.  On the contrast, limiting believes such as lack of faith, hope, knowledge, creativity or according to you believe system will definitely affect, therefore they need to be control to your own prospective.  We do not expect you to comes with all the capacities to do our process, but only with the willingness to let yourself be taken through the process.  Still, it will be your calling and action since they are part of processes for your own success.  For those who believe in God, that universe is God, therefore, communicating with Him will have unique infinitive possibilities, vibrations, different expectations, according to His infinitive power, in combination with you believes.  Do not hesitate, and let embark into a journey without limitations and make all effort to enjoy the process, and see what it will comes out of it.  We all know that for some people, things have worked very well, definitively those who got results most probably did not get it because they were less organized or less focused, etc.  This book is about answering the questions of what you want to be and how to have the results with tools that most of the people do not have or most probably do not apply to acquire success in specific areas we never dedicated proper time or are not good at the subject.  It could only be that with our system you will be able to evaluate things that you will never done, if not embarking in our processes.  What happen to the majority of us is that usually we do not have time for everything, therefore there is always something we need or want to overcome or improve, regardless of your present, pass or intended future success and we need someone else to focus on results and influence us to succeed on it.  That where a planning and system from the basic starting points to the most complex one will become handy.

For now, and for the mental exercise it can represent, let do something you probably do not do often or never done before.  Sit in a comfortable place, relax and let your mind make you believe that you become someone almost no material or flesh, very light, relax, and an infinitively-capable-spiritual human been.  To continue, remember that everything starts in point zero (“o”) until the reality is that at least is starting, and at some point, is the total reality you wanted or needed.  Perhaps, envision and develop yourself into someone with suddenly acquired wisdom by connecting to God, feeling a well life lived, with the effort of become someone with knowledge, vision and a sense of reality difficult to surpass.  Everyone will like you and your attitude, but very few people dare to even dream in that way, the reason why no one or few possess that level.  At least that is what the bible says about us, we are people of little faith.  Before we continue, for those that may have disbelieves about conducting abstract mental work­outs sink twice, since it can be beneficial as a mental training and as visualization of reality.  Abstract meaning is expressing a quality apart from an object, such as the word poem is concrete, poetry is abstract, (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/abstract, 2019.  Despite the length of search information require to discuss this subject, we believe that using and practicing the use of abstract concepts, particularly in this book is applicable to some of the Priority Goals (PGs) concepts and other means of defining general use of concepts and ideas, which can be beneficial to having them to control, monitor, influence, and benefit the success of our program, consequently your outcomes.  For religious believer, this is like not to consider God as the provider of benefits of loving Him, us to love others, the pursue of happiness, and fulfillment, to name a few.  Its basic principle can easily be seeing when the love concept is abstractly referring to a general use of feelings toward people that are your customers.  Showing to loving care for others by including them in the delivery of services when providing a call to them and providing customer services, after a sale, can be seeing then, as a concrete part of love delivering.  Are you in the right king of synergy mostly unavailable in our regular life processes, now available to you for the maximum results, which we mention now for you to get back to the right frame of mind?  Therefore, this last paragraph already gives you additional visualization of concepts to see what may be expected differently in your success, if you dare to have it at your best.

The education obtained includes doctoral degrees in different areas, Philosophy, World Religious Practices, Technological Innovations, Business Development and International Commercialization, an MBA in Financial Management and Human Services.  Yes, this is unusual, and you might conceive it only for an Astronaut from NASA, but this is definitely the king of achievements we would dream about if we have the resources and confidence available.  If it was not enough, and in addition, an MBA in Internet, Telecommunication, and Social Media, and other graduate and postgraduate certifications.  Your professional experience includes a diversify portfolio, profound knowledge and skills in every important fields related to businesses, human development and human success.  You have being so analytical about your career that you have made a calculation of the time spent in each mentioned field, and it have been a minimum of at least 10,000 hours on each most important fields, and some, you have expend them over 20,000 hours of study, research, coaching, consulting, with profound analysis and thinking, that have let you to have important insights that need to be shared with others, and that is part of why you are active in this book, and movement, which is seeking a new more ample and deepest definition as well.  With this book and processes, you choose to integrate it with a focus on total success of the most important things in life for you, spiritual, planning and system, love, happiness, and business success, and whatever is need in this stage of your life.

The solutions will appear on the book and the company services since this and other websites have limitations, and it should be a summary.  It was presented to see a different and more advance questioning of what is happening in your life, and what it can become.

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