Consiousness, Education and Training

Scientifics have found that in the last century, those who take exams to enter into the universities has increased the results 30 percent.  Several possibilities have been considered, including the food intake.  Other factor may have influenced the results, but we believe that we can increase it even further.  You, your parents, and the government can increase the result of more people by promoting and participating in campaigns where everyone start early to follow our systems.  With our system we will not necessary give you suggestions about every way possible for your success, but the way you can plan and act to improve systematically with whatever you decide to incorporate into your life. It will be impossible for anyone to warrantee success for anyone because it all depend on your implementation.   A summary of it is that you take for example an empty notebook that will be used for your personal development.  On it you will write your decision about for example the first priority goal.  It may be God or the infinitive universe, as it manifest itself.  In that first page of PG you may write whatever you know best on how to be please God or the infinitive universe.  Some of the things you write is about what you were doing already.  Another may be whatever you add up every day that comes to your mind and whatever you research in the library or in the internet.   Based on two studies, by doing learning activities for 21 or 22 days, respectively, about a particular subject, you will incorporate into your behavior whatever you are trying to learn.  Some of the technique we use are meditating, reading, memorizing, thinking, writing, verbalizing, integrating, listening, and acting upon anything you want to becoming more aware of it.  Once you master the concept of subject, you will substitute the time you were using for other priority goals or areas that need to be reinforced. (no other method of learning)


  • I look at the big pictures of things to give myself the opportunity to see more at once. See many letters instead of one word a time, see macro instead of micro, look at the whole community instead of something there is in a store location. For that view, obviously we need to incorporate it to our thoughts and behavior for the period of time we suggest and until it is part of your behabior or reactions.  This can make it more efficient and a long-term advantage.
  • I exercise my body every other day when possible, in order to stimulate, strengthen, clean and maintain the body at the best functional level in every part and body organ, beside enjoying my favor sport, tennis.
  • I exercise mentally every day or every other day or as needed. I do memorization process to repeat information, such as names and others that I want to remember. Some of those names is to repeat the name while shaking their hand, looking and remembering their physical appearance, remembering the trade or meaning the person have for you in his industry or anything important you think should be considered about the person.
  • I eat and consume vitamins, nutrients and all in proper portions, the best I can. I learn constantly about what specifically each food and vitamins are doing in my body, and I am taking even prevention measures to maintain my best health. Occasionally, I buy products in the health store that clean my system from toxins from the environment, food that are not organic or probably exposed insecticides and pesticides.  Also eat other combination of products, proven to be good in preventing health conditions and others available in our family form. Our farm produces organic fruits and vegetable, and obtain as much as what I can get or get a hold of in the not so available products in the supermarket, even health stores.Learn and Apply Things By the Concepts Behind It
  • After you start to make an effort to learn and apply the concepts behind everything, meaning the foundations and reasons things are the way they are, you can apply the same principles automatically, easier, and even unconsciously. Furthermore, utilizing the best ways of learning we include in this book, to be conscious about them will make life easier on your reactions and behavior in general.  In other word, you will be able to apply it, once it is part of how your think, react, analyze things, and so on.
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