Personal Business Plan for Success


The studies, researches and arguments we are presenting to you will allow to have a define directions, process and an end result in mind.  In other word, not having a personal business plan, and a business plan depending who you are talking to will be like a sail boat without direction, therefore less likely will get at the best destination, since it does not have one.  Obviously, a personal business plan will be a lot more than that since it will answer the most important aspects a person and a family should have clear to obtain what they need or want.  This king of plan has sections that will answer crucial questions, that if addressed, when situations arise, you previously will have detailed definitions for it and will have better possibilities of achieving what you want, than just reacting to what present itself.  The statistics where showed to me while Business Advisor at the United State Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs), while in the position of Business advisor was that by visiting that government agency a business could increase it potential for success in 24 percent (1996).  Some of the most important assistant provided by the (SBDCs) in those days was the development of a business plan to start, develop or expand businesses.  We extrapolated that information and strongly believe that just having direction, question answer in advance about your personal and family prospective can help you achieve a lot more things, than otherwise.

Moreover, there are things during the week that you can achieve just by doing a list of things of what you want to accomplish every day.  The reason we need a basic or a more complex planning is because there are short- and long-term goals that as more developed they are needed you will find better tools and strategies than just a simple list of things do not provide. As coach we will ask you a question, Will answering educational, financial, family development-including for each member, definition of core values, direction as a family and individually and how it will be achieved, etc. and take a serious look of it, research for information, and expand it periodically, will assist you better in achieving what you want or need?  For complete expiation on who to accomplish just that go to our Master System for Success.  This statement will separate you from what our society do now, meaning, almost nobody have a personal business plan.  With the last question in mind, we want you to join us and embark in the most exciting and rewarding experience of your life.  We hope that after your bible, and may be a journey, this book will give you the help to achieve spiritual, educational, business, personal and other successes that otherwise will not happen.

We encourage that due to our lack of memory, focus, system and normal awareness that you allow us to give to you, your family, the business, organization or community the opportunity to assist with our book, programs and certifications to develop a different atmosphere where you bread every day and make a better place to live in.  This is missing key in our society today, therefore go to section Master Consciousness & Training for Success in order to teach and train your mind to be, act and manage your process and ultimately, your outcomes.

Therefore, government agencies, educational and training programs, corporations, organizations, families and individuals in the world, can benefit from securing effective time to allow the mind, soul and body be influenced properly, enable more complexity, and be ready for the next step or level to many people that they did not have the opportunity to achieve it before.  These concepts will assist you to be more certainty, and proven bigger possibility.  We believe many of us have being, for too long, wasting our entire lives not achieving higher and desirable goal and outcomes, including for generations because of a lack of a system and process that take you to it, the opportunity to be focus on what matter and at our best level from the begging to the end.

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