Priority Goals (PGs) and Seeking Total Success


Why to use priority goals and how you can visualize it?   What happen in a speed boat, instead of a spaceship, with three engines, and two of them are damaged?  Two of the engines are extra weight and causing the boat to be slower by the lack of power the engines they would provide.  If all working efficiently, would they will possibly be working?  Of course, right?  What about if you make the engines work even more efficient.  We believe that by everything you will do in our system, you will define your goals, increase awareness, get coaching, have a system as the frame work to follow, that will provide efficiency or effectiveness, a plan to know how and where you will achieve success, both on each PG and in any area you decide, including as a total success.  We need to recognized what most of the successful people have seen, the fact that if you do not know where you are going, most probably, you will never get there, unless it was by accident, and it is easy to realize that if you do not know what you want or need or work on it, that you will have a lot less possibilities to achieve it.  Not having a structure that assist you all the step of the way, you may get something, but either it may be an incomplete success or not what you need or want, since many times you need a more complex process to have your highest success, therefore may not be directing or managing and controlling it.  Right?   Therefore, what is the possibility that you get the Powerball (Lottery, Lotto or the big price in gambling) in comparison of getting a Doctoral degree and make money earning an average of $500,000 per year income for 30 years, $15,000,000 millions in your working life.  Moreover, going for realistic goals make sense, but we would need more than a steady income since love for God, Love for others, know how to be happy and make others happy, a healthy life and so on may create a harmonious and balanced life, if we focus on it and do something effective to accomplish just that.  The challenge is that ideally would need to get a doctoral degree in every area of our life, of course not, but at least become fairly good at the most important ones that will help us be whoever we want to be.  Perhaps, with this book you will find the secrets, tools, concepts and system to make it happen in defined, focus and even complex process, if you want for your very best.  It will take to ready the entire book to understand the scope, challenges and opportunities you will see after reading and implementing everything you will obtain.  Make sure that you take steps with the highest motivation, focus, commitment and everything you need.  Perhaps, whatever is stopping from being whatever you want or need convert it into a priority goal, and follow the process for the best life your own development will provide you.

Ask and tell yourself, do you have a plan and system to make sure you have in writing a way to follow-up, keep yourself conscious about what you know need to be done, and succeed?  We all know is probably a “No”, but you are not alone.  Almost nobody has a personal business plan.  Why they do not have it?  There are more reasons than we can understand, but some of them we believe start with the fact that society have never evolve up to that point, our level of consciousness is limited, the educational systems have not recognized it, is not something natural to do and so on.  We believe that you, I and the rest of the people that follow our suggestions in this book, will right from the start and eventually will be contributing to one of the most enjoyable process humanity can make it a most, both individually and collectively, that will result in [more happy-successful-focus-conscious-about the process person].  You at the highest level of possibilities can conquer so much.  I humbly love to just say and consider it as a given from God for you and, all of us!

Will values take a big part of what it takes for it?  The best values and much more will allow you to contribute to your effort of the success of the system.  We like to mention certain religious group I read about that call those people, that cannot act on reality to make needed changes in their life, to be “hard head”.  Those individuals most probably will hear this word, you are reading right now, but can believe, focus on, motivate to work on it.  Their internal believe those not allow them to be open to surpass that obstacle in their life and us different techniques, like the ones we are presenting in this book, and overcome any obstacle.  Others, are so immersed in their own way of thinking or problems that they do not have inner peace to take time for themselves, see their situation, see or seek solutions.  If you feel that way you are lucky that you came this far.  This particular situation can be part of many of us in certain areas, in more or less percentage, since our mind is telling us something wrong, but that we believe so much that for us is the only possible true.  This is a big problem, but it may have a solution is you are open about it, take time to understand and overcome it.  One example is when a man or a woman have a good job.  A job he or she did not have before, but that now is providing security for the future, including the worth part, retirement funding.  We have seen how that security have affect individuals, go to work, going home to take care of responsibilities, go to sleep Monday to Friday, and on the week-end, work on the house, car or patio, some of them may expend quality time with their families, and go back to the same routine all over again.  Only that by lacking a planning and system that will allow them to grow and develop as individual, as a family or as society to improve everything around them will make development not existence.  Going to church and take courses here and there help some, but if you do not take time for a period of time, we promote in this book to change, your learning will be limited.  There is science behind it with different motivational, process and the science behind it to have results above your previous expectations.  Studies talk about what are the best ways to learn and for how long you should persist in you learning effort to make it stick into your head and last longer, and hopeful forever.  We will be taking about these methods in several section.  Why is imperative to act on it?  See yourself in normal life situations, when you do not do anything about your life situations, your only react to your life situations.  The contrary would be at least meditating, reading about it, practicing, and acting toward solutions.  What will happen and is happen to too many of the people is that the problems simply will accumulate until the spouse (husband or wise) or even relatives, friends and coworkers will not take it anymore, explode and decide to separate or even divorces, tell to leave the house if you are living with them or distance from you.  Another example is when you are so litter understanding about the important of expending quality time with your children or any other, that they do not have a choice, they may end up with depression, drug abuse, problems at school, and other wrong behaviors.  And even if you try to recognize your contribution to it, started to act on it, but did not have a plan or system to start, follow-up, act, and keep going until the problem is solved correctly, the situation continues for ever.  Well, we are happy that God has given us the opportunity to tosh life to a better process, and give a solution to many of us, which can solve every area you decide to work on in an effective and efficient way.  In this planning and systematic way of approach solutions to the life situations, you will find that this is not a process for a particular moment, but a life style changer that you will recognize it is needed now and it is needed to be part of your everyday life moments.  Since, in our constant changing lifestyle and situations, recognizing problems and finding solutions to them can become a life uplifting opportunity to enjoy life as it was intended, just the way you really want it: SUCCEEDING NOW AND EVERY DAY, NOT JUST IN THE FUTURE, THEREFORE ENJOYING THE PROCESS, NOT JUST THE MOMENT OF THE FINAL SUCCESS!

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