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Getting familiarized with this book content, the process and your opportunities to succeed

Our intention in this book is to rich out to find everything, including the media, powerful people or any contributor to become engaged to our organization to participate and promote our movement where individuals, families, business, organizations, communities, and government are influenced by, and can realize that we are the beginning of one of the best process where people and resources come together to improve united to improve everyone and every institution.

Until this past period in humanity, some have tried to have a successful life.  But this book intends to show how much we really can accomplish and what have being missing in our society, our lifes, families, organizations, business, communities, and even government.  Before this book, most of what have being provided for human development have come from the educational part of the process, when a more complete system from the beginning to the end­result and with a time management and consciousness achievement would bring people to a whole new control over destiny and potential for success.

We believe that we have great potential that do not require a scientific genious to achieve it, but one with wiliness, planning, system, consciousness-training in order to having the ultimate results.  That is the focus of this book.

We are inspired by many stories and situation, and like to promote that all people should find the best levels of things like spiritual guidance of their choice, for that matter the following written words taken from the Catholic Bible, Pastoral Edition, Latinamerican (translated), Revised Edition 2005, Text integrated (integro) from Hebrew and greak (griego), pag. 12 (Instroduction), are one of the most important inspirations we have found: “ Iqual to the Holly History, God have educated the ancient society of Israel, allowing that many mistakes only will be corrected with time, that is the way it happen with the so called Christianity, meaning, that happened with those people from Europe learning to be humans, free and responsible.  Was born a new civilization that it’s culture, art and, more that anything, ideals, were fruit of faith.”  In those days, we did not have as many studies and available knowledge than now the mass have at it finger tip.  Information can be acquired in seconds from your smart phone, tablet, watch, PC, robot, and others.  Therefore, we do not need to wait for a long time like in ancient societies.  Perhaps, we become a certified professional in short periods, great doctors in eight (8) to twelve (12) years of college or to be ready for a blue collar good job in technology, a year (1) could be all you need for an entry level position, or even a good engineer will take it in five (5) years period.  Something that is available to anyone who is willing to go through the process by applying for grants, scholarship, fellowships, or getting a loan, which some of the highest level educations will allow to paid back in few years.  More impressed looking is how complete functional cities are built in a desert in few years, like the one in Dubay, situated in the Persian Gulf of the United Arab Emirates, that in the past just the Sistine Chapel in the Apostolic Palace, the official residence of the Pope, in Vatican City, were Michelangelo ceiling painting took four years to be completed.

More inspirational than the actual present congruencies getting what we want or need in life, we see a new era of humans development, learning from within, taking time to plan, train ourselves, and ultimately seeking to control our own destiny with the highest values, wiliness, methods and everything that is important.  Focusing on real greatness and excellence, rather that hope, not actual action to control awareness and reality, from the beginning to the end result and for ever, not just like passing an exam in few weeks that scholars recognize is not the best way to lasting learning.  Through the core concepts of this book, we seek everyone reach new levels of daily focus, consciousness, planning of what you want or need, be conscious about what it takes, act by utilizing a system that provide you controls every step of the way, and ending up managing the outcomes of each process, until the goals or expectations are achieved.  This is a key, since many of us start something, but for whatever reason, stop it before become a success.  We this processes, what before was hope, you become closer and closer to certainty, what planning was just in our mind or a document-that you or many not knew how to implement now there is an answer to follow through, to make it  real were you produce a personal business plan connected to a daily system, what was before let to memorization-now is control by a training system that will shape your vision and uplift your mental training and focus toward your goals and daily-needed action-required to control destiny.  Ultimately, we want to use the best sciences, researches and studies into our process that human behavior require that was missing before and now is your advantage.  Wow, this is something else!  , It will be instrumental to what you chose to be, with processes that will keep you in control, and allow permanently, to be what you want or need for the most desired ultimate outcomes.  We even forget what we wanted or needed, before it become a outcome, therefore we look for anwers for you on one planning and system.  From one minute, one week, one year to the next and beon we would just forget what we wanted or needed, and never convert it into your own project or goal for the necessary period of time, in order to achieve it from start to finish.  Make sure you takes this words and converted into you inspiration.  This could be from an spiritual awakening to a realization of what is being missing.  So, let now begin the best of your new life, and in control of your success.

System For Success

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